Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It is time to break up the Democratic Party, by Lowell B. Denny, III


While the DaVinci Code's Dan Brown is on the task to uncover national secrets, he might expose the one that has kept the Democratic Party together. It is not so much a big tent as it is a sprawling concentration camp of all sorts of candidates for a eugenicist's social purification campaign: yes, of course, Jews; yes, of course, LGBTQs; yes, of course, Blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians ... the poor, single mothers, single fathers, grandparent/guardians, the elderly, the disabled, felons.

But the inmates don't run this camp. We are mistreated. The camp is run by Lehman Brothers and its surviving money-changers. They have most cynically gathered us together, like an arranged marriage made in the Dark Ages.

I am truly curious what drug has been put in the water supply to keep these inmates under the throes of these madmen of Commerce - white, blue eyed ones, according to a rather frank president of Brasil.

In 1984, the federal government dismantled the iconic Ma Bell - aka, AT&T, in an anti-trust assault on bringing free enterprise, commerce, and profit opportunities to the nation. These three are the hidden holy trinity of the United States of America. I await Brown's made-for-TV narrative of the nation's true religion.

But more: I hope the federal government will do to the Democratic Party what it did over a generation ago to Ma Bell: break it up.

Pres. Obama's recent rations to the camp inmates was his continuation of the antiquated blockade against Cuba. There has been plenty other poison: slapping the LGBT community in the face by defending the Defense of Marriage Act. He cleverly employed the term "universal health care," but did not mean universal health care but rather more reforms, more mandates, then the public option, which he is rather quickly taking off the table. He began his first week in the White House by bombing soft targets in the Mideast war.

He is, in short, an effective and competent head of a capitalist party.

Thinking of Pres da Silva's white, blue eyeds who caused the financial crisis, Obama seems bent on channeling those of his white ancestors in his treaty-making skills. Of the 300-odd treaties made with the various AmerIndian nations, the white man broke them all. All. Obama continues this infamous record.

Rather than suffer the irritation of watching Obama continue to break promises, as recent democrats have been wont to do, let him break away and lead a party of wanna-be progressives who make touchy-feely commercials, and steel your money, water rights, land rights, and bomb your soft-targeted neighborhoods. Much of the agony suffered by the working class right now was neatly set up not by Richard M Nixon but by William "Welfare Reform" Clinton, a presidency which literally drove me from this country in an unsuccessful and sloppy attempt to live exotically abroad.

Obama can have his own party, with Bill and Hillary. Ralph Nader perhaps another. Dennis Kucinich another. Cynthia McKinney her constituents. US Senator Olympia Snow might find better lodgings than the present Republican Party. US Senator Bernard Sanders can finally admit to being a socialist, because along with the Democratic Party there will be a Socialist Party, a Socialist Workers Party, a Socialist Labor Party, a Democratic Socialist Party, led by Cornell West and Barbara Ehrenreich.

One would hope this break up would not follow the course of the scattered AT&T, which has been reunited, or those disparate political parties go the course of the UK's New Labour in making a deep and gracious bow to the Iron Lady and taking public ownership off its platform.
The US needs a socialist, worker party, and it will never have one in this internment camp.

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